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Cover for Incredible Adventures
Isbn: 978-91-7759-054-5
Publisher: Anncona Media
Short stories Fantasy & Sci-Fi In english
Accessible since: January 2024
Narrator: Ben Tucker
Length: 10 hours 34 minutes


Incredible Adventures

Incredible Adventures is a collection of horror stories by Algernon Blackwood, comprising three novellas and two short stories. 

H. P. Lovecraft wrote: In the collection titled Incredible Adventures occur some of the finest tales which the author has yet produced, leading the fancy to wild rites on nocturnal hills, to secret and terrible aspects lurking behind stolid scenes, and to unimaginable vaults of mystery below the sands and pyramids of Egypt; all with a serious finesse and delicacy that convince where a cruder or lighter treatment would merely amuse. Some of these accounts are hardly stories at all, but rather studies in elusive impressions and half-remembered snatches of dream. Plot is everywhere negligible, and atmosphere reigns untrammeled”.

The collection contains five stories, all novella-length except for The Sacrifice and Wayfarers:

The Regeneration of Lord Ernie is a compelling novella that intricately weaves themes of redemption and personal transformation. Lord Ernie, a disillusioned aristocrat, embarks on a spiritual journey after a chance encounter with an otherworldly figure. Blackwood crafts a tale that navigates the realms of the supernatural and the human psyche, exploring the profound impact of introspection and self-discovery.

The Sacrifice unveils a tale of psychological suspense and supernatural intrigue. Set against the backdrop of the occult, it follows the protagonist's journey into the mysterious realms where ancient rituals and hidden forces converge. 

The Damned is a gripping novella that delves into the supernatural. Set against the eerie backdrop of a desolate Canadian wilderness, it follows two friends on a canoe trip. As they navigate treacherous waters, they encounter inexplicable phenomena and a haunting presence. 

A Descent into Egypt plunges readers into the mystical depths of ancient Egypt. Narrated by a man known as the "Author," it unfolds as a vivid recounting of his experiences during a metaphysical journey through Egypt's sacred landscapes. 

In Wayfarers unfolds a tale of metaphysical exploration. In this literary gem, Blackwood invites readers to join a mystical journey into the unknown, where characters grapple with cosmic questions and the unseen forces that shape their destinies. 

Algernon Henry Blackwood ( 1869 –1951) was an English short story writer and novelist, one of the most prolific writers of ghost stories in the history of the genre. Incredible Adventures was first published in 1914. Audiobook read by Ben Tucker, running time 10 hours, 34 min. Unabridged full version. The Regeneration of Lord Ernie, The Damned and A Descent into Egypt are also available as separate novellas.

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