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Cover for The Awesome Adventures of Will and Randolph: Battle of the Blockheads
Isbn: 978-87-2712-638-8
Publisher: Saga Egmont
3-6 years Children's books
Accessible since: April 2024
Narrator: Dario Coates
Length: 45 minutes


The Awesome Adventures of Will and Randolph: Battle of the Blockheads

Dive into a world of magic, mystery, and square-shaped trees, and join brave boy Will, his talking teddy bear Randolph, and their quirky Upside-Down Bird friend!

Transported by an ancient medallion to Whispering Woods - where blobs talk and trees are cube-like - our heroes find themselves caught in a sticky situation. How will they get home? Why is their bird friend upside-down? And can they stop the block-headed war between Big Whoosh's forest folk and Quagmire’s swampy Bloblins?

Get ready for a tale filled with thrilling escapes, laugh-out-loud moments, clever disguises (some not so successful)...and above all else – the value of friendship!

The Awesome Adventures of Will and Randolph

When Will receives a mystical amulet, it brings his toy bear Randolph to life! This triggers a cascade of adventures where every book catapults them into peculiar new worlds. With Toy Story-like charm and Mr Benn's magical touch, this series follows their journey as they tackle moral dilemmas with courage and humour.

Jeffrey Archer (1940-) is a bestselling British author and former politician, renowned for his captivating novels, short stories, and children's books published in over 97 countries and over 37 languages. His best-known works include ‘First Among Equals’, ‘Kane and Abel’ and ‘Only Time Will Tell’.

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