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Cover for Oväntat - romance novell

Oväntat - romance novell

Hur stora är oddsen att fler än tre gemensamma nämnare visar samhörighet med någon. Ska Elin ignorera det som sker mellan henne och Filip och se det som endast vardagliga sammanträ ...

Cover for Vått A Fuck, erotisk novell

Vått A Fuck, erotisk novell

Lägg av! Sådant händer bara inte! Hade hon sagt om någon påtalat hur hennes kväll skulle se ut i förväg. Inte en chans att hon skulle kliva ut från tunnelbanan, utan paraply, med s ...

Cover for Bord 38, erotisk novell

Bord 38, erotisk novell

Än hade vi inte legat förutom de otaliga gånger jag fantiserat om det i mitt huvud medan jag onanerat. Det var något med just den här mannen som gjorde mig galen av lust och jag vi ...

Cover for Valperga


Castruccio’s armies surround the fortress of Valperga governed by Countess Euthanasia - his childhood friend and the woman he loves. Forced to choose between her Guelph people and ...

Cover for Lodore


Challenged to a duel, Lord Lodore must make a life-changing decision, one that will split his family in two. His daughter Ethel, raised to depend on her father, and Cornelia, Lodor ...

Cover for Falkner


How do you stop the two men you love from destroying each other?As a six-year-old orphan, Elizabeth Raby saves a desperate Rupert Falkner from committing suicide, changing her life ...

Cover for The Duchess of Padua

The Duchess of Padua

‘The Duchess of Padua’ is a five-act play, originally written for American actress, Mary Anderson (best known for her role in ‘Gone with the Wind’). With themes of murder, suicide, ...

Cover for Romance


'Romance' is the second piece in a collaborative series by Conrad and Ford, this tale takes the shape of an adventure story. The narrator finds himself entangled in all kinds of tr ...

Cover for Sanditon and Other Stories

Sanditon and Other Stories

In a new audio adaptation of some of Austen’s lesser known works, Avita Jay brings to life the wit and satire of one of England’s greatest authors. In Austen’s final and unfinished ...

Cover for Trevorin salaisuus 5: Antautuminen

Trevorin salaisuus 5: Antautuminen

Sopu sijaa antaaTrevor tuntee itsensä nöyryytetyksi Los Angelesiss julkaistun lehtijutun jäljiltä ja pakenee ongelmiaan Lontooseen Plaisir-klubin suojiin.Millie on vihainen Trevori ...

Cover for Valentina ja varastetut taulut

Valentina ja varastetut taulut

Kiihkeä aarrejahti BerliinissäValentina Wolff on 35-vuotias leski, joka on perinyt mieheltään ylellisen berliiniläisen seksiklubin, jossa asiakkaat saavat toteuttaa vapaasti fantas ...

Cover for Anne of Geierstein

Anne of Geierstein

‘Anne of Geierstein’ is a gothic romance and adventure novel by Walter Scott. For this tale, Scott abandons his typical Scottish setting as the story follows two knights on a secre ...

Cover for St. Ronan's Well

St. Ronan's Well

‘St. Ronan’s Well’ is a tragicomic tale of two brothers in love with the same woman. Walter Scott’s trademark dramatic tension is palpable in this novel, but it is unique in the fa ...

Cover for The Monastery

The Monastery

‘The Monastery’ is a novel by Walter Scott that tells the story of the Monastery of Kennaquhair and its mysterious occupants and supernatural situations. The monastery is on the br ...

Cover for Rob Roy

Rob Roy

‘Rob Roy’ is one of Walter Scott’s most famous and acclaimed novels, telling the story of the legendary outlaw Rob Roy MacGregor and his thrilling adventures in the Scottish Highla ...

Cover for Waverley


‘Waverley’ is among Walter Scott’s first novels and one of the original Western historical novels. The sprawling story takes place during the Jacobite Rising from 1745 and follows ...

Cover for The Sinister Man

The Sinister Man

To the world Maurice Tarn is merely the magnate behind a successful shipping company, little does anyone know that all the real money is made off the books in shady backroom deals. ...

Cover for The Eternal Lover

The Eternal Lover

When Nu, a caveman from 100,000 years ago, is transported via a magic spell to the present, this can only mean one thing – adventure!He falls in love with a girl who is the reincar ...

Cover for Vagabondia


In 'Vagabondia' the bustling streets of 20th century London are home to an artistic family with great ambitions. Phil and his three sisters want only to live a bohemian lifestyle, ...

Cover for That Lass O' Lowrie's

That Lass O' Lowrie's

Everybody in The Lancashire village of Riggan is talking about Joan Lowrie, and who could blame them? She’s as beautiful as she is kindhearted and strong willed. For years she’s en ...

Cover for Against the Voice of Reason – Dark Erotica

Against the Voice of Reason – Dark Erotica

Dark erotica.It is difficult to come to terms with a breakup, especially when both sides never really leave. A forbidden, never-ending game takes place between the characters, leav ...

Cover for A Train Named Desire – Erotic Short Story

A Train Named Desire – Erotic Short Story

Kaya, a twenty-year-old student, breaks up with her fiancé in turbulent circumstances. She wants to start all over again, so driven by an impulse, she gets on the train to Warsaw. ...

Cover for Caldarium Luxuria - Lesbian Erotica

Caldarium Luxuria - Lesbian Erotica

The young assistant Bianca conscientiously puts herself in the service of her superior, sexy Captain Viviane. She does not know that this evening, instead of fulfilling her duties, ...

Cover for A Controversial Scenario – Dark Erotica

A Controversial Scenario – Dark Erotica

Dark erotica. A young journalist goes on a business trip to Rotterdam, tormented by the memories of the recent past. She is to replace her editorial colleague during an interview w ...

Cover for Under Observation – Erotic Short Story

Under Observation – Erotic Short Story

There is a she, there is a he, and there are two windows. The show she puts on for a stranger every night is like a ritual. For her, it's a kind of catharsis, something that allows ...