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Cover for Eläinten vallankumous

Eläinten vallankumous

Uusi suomennos Orwellin kestoklassikosta!Eläinten vallankumous on brittiläisen George Orwellin (oik. Eric Arthur Blair, 1903-1950) huikea satiiri aatteiden alttiudesta ajautua väär ...

Cover for Höstens skuggor

Höstens skuggor

Tredje delen i romansviten som skakade 30-talets moralsverige!Det börjar bli höst i Petras liv, men så nås hon av nyheten om att hennes gamla fästman ska återvända till Sverige. Th ...

Cover for Kvinnogatan


Andra delen i romansviten som skakade 30-talets moralsverige!Petra och Angela har brutit upp från Eka herrgård och flyttat till Stockholm. Angela är sjutton år och ska gå på hushål ...

Cover for Den blå rullgardinen

Den blå rullgardinen

Första delen i romansviten som skakade 30-talets moralsverige!När Angela som tolvåring blir föräldralös tas hennes barndom ifrån henne. Men hennes unga, ogifta faster Petra tar sig ...

Cover for Amerikka


Karl Rossman on 16-vuotias poika, jonka perhe lähettää siirtolaiseksi Yhdysvaltoihin. Syy ei kestä päivänvaloa – Karl on nimittäin saattanut kotiapulaisen raskaaksi. Mahdollisuuksi ...

Cover for Pride and Prejudice (Premium)

Pride and Prejudice (Premium)

Rediscover one of the greatest love stories of all time with this new audio edition of Pride and Prejudice, masterfully narrated by actress Adjoa Andoh ('Bridgerton', 'Doctor Who') ...

Cover for Love in the Afternoon

Love in the Afternoon

Stephen Lestrange, a handsome painter living in Paris, was on the verge of getting married to the plain Lucy. Was he truly ready to settle down with Lucy, considering that he had f ...

Cover for Herland (Premium)

Herland (Premium)

‘Herland’ is the trailblazing novel from feminist icon Charlotte Perkins Gilman. In this new audio edition, acclaimed actress Rosy McEwen delivers a spellbinding performance bringi ...

Cover for The Yellow Wallpaper (Premium)

The Yellow Wallpaper (Premium)

A timeless piece of feminist literature, the story follows a series of journal entries made by a woman diagnosed with hysterical tendencies by her doctor and husband. Barred from w ...

Cover for The Divine Comedy 1: Hell

The Divine Comedy 1: Hell

"Inferno" tells the story "of those who have rejected spiritual values", of those who are lost and are unable to find the right way to salvation. It describes each sin and the corr ...

Cover for Mrs Dalloway

Mrs Dalloway

"...she always had the feeling that it was very, very dangerous to live even one day." Mrs. Dalloway is busy taking care of the final preparations for her evening party when an old ...

Cover for Cuckoo in the Night

Cuckoo in the Night

When Janine Scott was summoned by her sister Chris to visit her home in Devonshire, she knew that something was wrong. Indeed, strange things were happening. A man was visiting her ...

Cover for White Nights

White Nights

"White Nights" is the story about a melancholic daydreamer, who spends his life idling in St. Petersburg and indulging in existential questions. He is so much in a world of his own ...

Cover for The Gambler

The Gambler

One of Dostoevsky’s shorter novels, "The Gambler" reflects the author’s own difficult and prolonged battles with gambling as one of his major addictions. It is the story of a young ...

Cover for The Divine Comedy 2: Purgatory

The Divine Comedy 2: Purgatory

"Purgatorio" is the second part of Alighieri’s poem "The Divine Comedy". The story of Dante travelling through the nine circles of Hell in "Inferno" continues as he survives the de ...

Cover for The Divine Comedy 3: Paradise

The Divine Comedy 3: Paradise

Dante Alighieri’s journey continues in the third part of "The Divine Comedy". Opposite to the main subject in the previous two parts, "Paradiso" depicts virtues and not sins as it ...

Cover for Dodo Wonders

Dodo Wonders

'Dodo Wonders' is the third and final installment in the 'Dodo' series by E. F. Benson. The series was rumoured to be based on Lady Asquith, though she herself claimed that she had ...

Cover for Dodo: A Detail of the Day

Dodo: A Detail of the Day

The narrative follows the stylishly controversial Dodo, a young woman from the British upper-middle-class. She is very confident she is about to make a most advantageous match whic ...

Cover for When Patty Went to College

When Patty Went to College

The impetuous but nonetheless highly intelligent, street smart Patty Wyatt goes to a turn of the century, all-girls college where she studies here and there during whatever time re ...

Cover for The Eternal Husband

The Eternal Husband

‘The Eternal Husband’ is a tragicomic novella by Fyodor Dostoevsky about Trusotsky, a widower who discovers that his wife had an affair with an old friend, Velchaninov. The story f ...

Cover for Animal Farm

Animal Farm

Oppressed and exploited animals start a revolution and drive humans away from the farm. But will the new utopian society be free and fair to everybody? Animal Farm by George Orwell ...

Cover for Rouva Katariina Boije ja hänen tyttärensä

Rouva Katariina Boije ja hänen tyttärensä

Eletään isovihan loppuaikoja. Voimakastahtoinen leskirouva Katariina Boije ja hänen kaksi tytärtään Margareetta ja Sesilia asuvat Hatanpään kartanossa Pirkanmaalla. Sota ajaa naise ...

Cover for En världsomsegling under havet

En världsomsegling under havet

Ett mystiskt undervattensskär som har satt flera fartyg i sjönöd gäckar människor världen över. Mystiken kommer utav att skäret inte alls beter sig som ett skär. Det påminner istäl ...

Cover for The Bay of Moonlight

The Bay of Moonlight

Everything was more than perfect in the Bay Of Moonlight, located in beautiful Southern Portugal. Yet Sarah was in love with Philip Saratola, who did not seem to have eyes for her ...

Cover for The Three Musketeers IV

The Three Musketeers IV

Milady is finally behind bars. During the day, she patiently plots her escape. And at night, she dreams of reaping revenge on D'Artagnan. In this final part of "The Three Musketeer ...